Professor Steven Abbott

Steven Abbott is well-known in the fields of coating/printing science, web-handling, formulation chemistry, nanostructures, bio-mimetics and for his wide range of technical software applications.

He has a PhD in chemistry from Oxford/Harvard and was a post-doc researcher in the Nobel Prizewinning lab of Prof J-M Lehn in Strasbourg. He was a Senior Research Manager at ICI then Research & Technical Director of MacDermid Autotype during which time he became a Visiting Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering at U. Leeds. He started TCNF in 2009. In May 2010 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

TCNF captures his unique combination of skills in Technical Software, Coating/Printing, Nanostructures and Formulations.

Each of these, and some of the major adventures they created, such as the HSPiP package on Hansen Solubility Parameters, the HLD-NAC surfactant software, the Surface Profiler package, and Adhesion modelling are explored on individual pages.

Because science is universal, the crossover between these interests has led to expertise in cosmetics and perfumery formulation, organic solar cell technology, diffusion modelling for packaging barriers, pharmaceutical optimisation, microemulsions, nanoformulations and the application of High Throughput techniques for rapid formulation development.

And because I owe so much to so many scientists who have helped me over my career I'm happy to share as much of my knowledge as I can manage to package into free AbbottApps which are currently web-based apps but many of which will become fully-functional eBooks using the amazing ePub3 format which allows apps live on the page so that a formula can be explored by just sliding some sliders whilst reading the book.

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