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Adventure Stories for Girls | Prof Steven Abbott

Adventure Stories for Girls

Not many girls get the chance to fly daring helicopter rescue missions or fly an anti-gravity spaceship. Ella Abbott was the first to do these things with the stories written by her grandfather.

But now your daughter, niece, granddaughter or just a family friend can rescue children in a school bus, fix a floating oil rig, fly in an Antarctic white-out and even stand on Mt Everest. Or they can have adventures on the Moon, bring an asteroid back to orbit around the Earth and explore Mars.

Fill in some details (Why the hot drink? Well, read the stories!), click the button and download their personalized story as a Word document. There are no illustrations because part of the fun is to work together to produce your own images.

The Ella Abbott Helicopter Rescue Service

The stories start simple but your heroine (and her friend) will soon be stopping runaway trains, blowing up mountain cliffs to stop streams of lava and, finally, rescuing injured climbers on the South Col of Everest. They are full of realistic details so are a great way to learn about the Tepui mountains in Venezuela or how to herd cattle in Australia.

After entering the details (both the Friend and Relation should be female!), click the button to download the stories as a Word document.

Girl's First Name
Girl's Family Name
Friend's Name
Hot drink
Create and Download

Ella Abbott in Space

Your heroine can take a trip to the moon to gather samples, make a visit to an asteroid to bring it back to Earth, and go on an amazing grand tour of the big sights of Mars, fix the Hubble space telescope and more. All thanks to the Professor's anti-gravity spaceship.

After entering the details, click the button to download the stories as a Word document.

Girl's First Name
Girl's Family Name
Hot drink
Create and Download

Safe, secure, free

The stories have plenty of excitement but they are safe for 8yr-olds upwards. When you click to create your personalized story the details are not stored anywhere, nor are they passed on to anyone. Everything is free, and free from ads. If you know a bit of HTML and PHP, click on your browser's View Page Source to check for yourself.

The downloaded document is in pure Word .docx format and is handled by most systems.

The text is Copyright © 2018 Steven and Ella Abbott and distributed under the Creative Commons BY Attribution license: "This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation."

About the author

Prof Steven Abbott is a scientist and consultant known around the world for his free scientific apps and books. He is granddad to Ella and Emily who helped create these stories.