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Welcome to the Roisum Library. This is a database of some 3,700+ articles, books, columns, papers and other public domain literature in the subject areas of web-handling, winding, converting and related areas. It should include most material going back almost a half century. If you are aware of material that is missing or find anything that is not correct, email me at drroisum@aol.com and I will include the correction on the next update. This database has one additional advantage, besides being free and easy, in that it was constructed by a single expert in the field that should make keyword usage much more consistent.

Finding Literature. You can, if you wish, put multiple terms into the top search box (separated by spaces) or do specific column searches (including dates from and to) in the boxes below. Currently this AbbotApp only does "AND" searches. Every word put into any field acts as an AND function and further limits/refines the search results. "OR" searches are not supported. Sorting is not supported because most of the fields aren't in a format for which sorting is appropriate. See Further Usage for workarounds.

Further Usage. You can copy the search results, in the normal fashion of your computer, and paste the results into whatever other application you might be most familiar with. True databases, such as MS Access, will give more satisfying searches than rudimentary databases, such as in MS Excel, though both will do sorting with ease. Another usage might be to paste your results into a word processor or email document.

Finding a Copy of a Document. We are not lending libraries. Neither Dr Roisum nor Abbott Apps can obtain or give you a copy of the documents for many reasons including copyright considerations. Very limited exceptions might be made for some materials written by Dr Roisum (for which he might have copyright), if you email him with very specific and very modest requests, such as at most 1 or 2 articles, and if you ask nice. Other living authors might also be approached if you can find their contact information. Again, don't call us for this information. Much easier would be those documents that are available on the internet when the URL is given in the last field and the link is still live. Recently, all papers from the International Conferences on Web Handling have been placed online at https://shareok.org/handle/11244/320247, and some student theses from Oklahoma State University at https://shareok.org/handle/11244/10460. The Roisum Library entries here have not yet been updated with individual links..

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