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Summary of Inputs and Outputs
Nip LoadForce applied to the nip(kN or lbf)
Rubber ODDiameter of the Rubber Roller(mm or in)
Steel ODDiameter of the Steel Shell (mm or in)
WidthWidth of the Roller (mm or in)
ShoreShore Hardness of the Rubber
RubberThickness of the Rubber (mm or in)
Steel IDInternal Diameter of Steel Shell (mm or in)
SpeedWeb Speed (m/min or ft/min)
ContactWidth or "imprint" of rubber contact (mm or in)
IndentDepth of compression of the Rubber (mm or in)
Max PMaximum Pressure in the nip (MPa or kpsi)
TimeTime spent by the web in the nip contact (msec)
D/ITim Walker's Deflection/Indentation ratio should be <0.2
CrownCompensating Crown required in Rubber