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You find a set of scratches on your web. They have a pitch (distance between scratches) of P and each scratch is of length L. Which roller is causing the scratch? It's the one with the calculated roller velocity Vr and Wrap angle. This lets you find the roller quickly and efficiently. However, you need one more input - the likely roller diameter. You probably have a standard size. Try one size. If there is no obvious match, try the next and so on.

The SLC is based on the ideas of Dr Kevin Cole of the Media Conveyance Facility at Optimation. He can be contacted for further discussion or questions at

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Summary of Inputs and Outputs
DiameterDiameter of suspect rollers (mm or in)
SpeedWeb speed (m/min or ft/min)
DiameterDiameter of the roller (mm or in)
Scratch PitchSpacing between scratches (mm or in)
Scratch LengthScratch length (mm or in)
VrSpeed of roller causing scratch (m/min or ft/min)
Wrap °Wrap angle of roller causing scratch
Scratch DirectionUpstream for a slower roller