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Instructions and Terminology

This App calculates the average ideal or theoretical throughput of a simple roll-to-roll converting line such as a printing press or slitter-rewinder. There are several ways that you can use this app to compare the ideal with what the machine is actually doing based on known production numbers. One example would be to estimate the biggest uncertainty in productivity which may be the accumulated irregular down time. You simply move the slider until the predicted and actual outputs match. Then go down on the floor and find out what is going on during the downs or perhaps find out that the machine is slower in other regards.


Outputs Users can readily convert length into tons and per day into per month or year.

The pie chart shows where most of the time is being spent. If most is in "Run" that means that increasing run speed is important. If most is in "Sets" then reducing the sets/roll or speeding up set change is important, similarly if "Roll" is significant then decreasing roll change time is important.