Web201 is a collection of over 100 short, 3-8 minute, video clips written by Dr David Roisum and served by YouTube. These clips go into advanced or niche topics that are not usually covered by his trademarked two-day Web Handling and Converting class. Some of the clips are his take on specific AbbottApps. Most are covered in the new textbook The Web Handling Handbook by Roisum, Walker and Jones. Those wishing to get a foundation to make the best use of Web201 are strongly encouraged to first take the Web101 class either in-plant or in public or as video-on-demand. The latter two are hosted by AIMCAL's Converting School.

The dataset has a keywords column which is not visible, but is active in the search - making it easier to find everything to do with, say, wrinkles or alignment. For those who want to sample Dr Roisum's approach to life (highly recommended!), type "Personal" into the search box or go to the bottom of the table where (so they are sorted to the end) their names start with Z:

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Web201 is a selection of video clips created by and © Copyright 2014 David R Roisum www.roisum.com

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