01 Mar 2013 Wound Roll Sizer

It always happens. There’s an issue in production and you just know that you read an article somewhere that showed you how to solve it. But often the article had some complicated formulae and there’s never enough time to really understand it. That’s why AbbottApps exist. With the help from AIMCAL experts David Roisum, Tim Walker, Dilwyn Jones there’s a growing number of apps that will run on your iPad, Android, Mac or PC which give you instant answers to the problems that plague all of us. If you are on the shop floor when someone asks you a question, you just get out your phone, open up the app and give them the answer there and then. The apps allow you to use metric or US units and you can enter values via sliders (as shown) or in text boxes. For small screens, sliders are more useful, for detailed calculations on a PC, text boxes are generally preferred.

The Wound Roll Sizer is handy for those moments when you need to know the weight of a roll from the length of web, or want to know what length of web will go into your chosen roll diameter or any variation on those questions. You just enter the known values (e.g. thickness, width, density or basis weight) and the unknown values are calculated automatically. The little ? to the right of Density triggers a pop-up with some typical values for the density of paper, metal or polymer webs.

In general we keep the apps as simple as possible, but when we get a chance we add a few refinements. Not many of us need to know the inertia of a roll, but when there are some start-up problems and the control engineer says “What’s the inertia so I can set the control loop?” you have an instant answer. And if someone says “But the roll diameter isn’t exactly as you calculated” you can change the Thickness Coefficient (as explained in the Help) to adjust for the fact that your web material can get compressed during winding.

This blog first appeared in the Converting Quarterly Magazine from AIMCAL and I am grateful to the Editor, Mark Spaulding, for permission to re-use the text.