08 May 2018 Adventure Stories for Girls.

When I started making up stories about my granddaughter, Ella, being an amazing helicopter rescue pilot there wasn't much to the short adventures. The story was quickly told, then I wrote it up in Word, then she and I went on the internet to find suitable images to illustrate it.

But gradually the stories became more complicated and longer, and spread from her house in Germany to stories all over the planet. The technical and geographical details became more important and it became clear that I had to research and write the stories in advance. My friends got to know of this and started feeding me nuggets of information. Once when I was flying a real helicopter myself (an amazing experience once I learned to hold the helicopter steady for more than a few seconds), I learned of a last-ditch technique (developed by Huey pilots in Vietnam) for escaping from a jungle clearing - which made its way into an adventure rescuing a precious statue from Venezuela's Thunder Lake. Over a barbecue, two geologists told me of their scary flights in helicopters in Antarctica, and this made its way into an amazing flight through mountains during a whiteout. A geologist cousin of my wife ended up featuring in a story where Ella helped to stop a stream of lava destroying a Canadian town.

With my HTC Vive I started to learn how to get round Mt Everest and created a blockbuster story which started with Ella learning about Everest in VR - something she got very good at. In VR she could easily fly from Lukla airport to Everest. That was the start of a huge Everest adventure. Flying helicopters in mountains is difficult to say the least, so I had to buy a book on helicopter aerodynamics to make the action somewhat realistic.

Then to space

Everest was the high point of the helicopter adventures so it was time to move on. Conveniently, "The Professor" invented an anti-gravity spaceship and Ella was chosen to fly it. Trips to the Moon, to an asteroid, to Mars and to Hubble all provided plenty of adventure but also plenty of interesting things to learn about each destination. In preparation for a space walk, Ella did one in VR - actually rather scary for her (and for myself when I tried it).

Adventure Stories for Girls

Ella's now a bit too old for these stories. So she agreed to give them away. You just go to Adventure Stories for Girls, enter a few details (girl's name, country ...), click a button and a Word document is downloaded to your laptop or tablet as a fully personalized version, ready to read. There are no illustrations because part of the fun (and learning) is to find illustrations yourselves on the internet and to bring them in with or without editing in your favourite graphics program. Ella and I both learned a lot! After the great exploding volcano story we went on-line and spent a few hours looking at Mt St Helens YouTube videos. Fascinating!

The emphasis on stories for girls should be unnecessary in the 21st century. But there is still an astonishing bias against the possibility of girls being interested in technical things. Maybe these stories aren't suitable for the young girls in your life. That's fine. But fif you can let your social contacts know about the stories, maybe there will be another girl who, like Ella, takes it for granted that women can be as bold, brave, decisive and smart as men.