How we work together

If you need an intensive, interactive, focussed training session around my various apps or software packages for ~ 1hr then (within reason) I'm happy to do that at no charge via a virtual meeting (Teams/Zoom etc.) live from my laptop. You might be thinking of buying TopCoat, TopWeb or HSPiP, or you might be interested in exploring surfactant science, solubility, nanocoatings or adhesion. If you're interested and keen to interact then I'm happy to do it. Why free? Partly because I enjoy doing it, partly because it would take more than 1hr of my time to sort out the bureaucracy for you to pay me.

If you want a few days' work on a specific project and you're happy to let me do it remotely in my own way over an agreed time period, with some intensive virtual meetings along the way, then we agree X Virtual Days at my standard rate. If at the end of the work you think I've only done X-Y% Virtual Days then I'm not going to argue and will deduct Y% from the invoice. If I've actually done X+Y% I'm not going to charge you more. If it's clear that the project has snowballed and it will need an extra Y days then we agree that formally before I invest in those days. I love this way of working. I've done more than enough travelling and modern remote-working techniques are very effective. And no one has ever accused me of only putting in X-Y% days.

If you want me on-site to train you in something or to come and troubleshoot a major set of issues, then we agree in advance what you want me to cover and how many days you want me. Similarly we can agree on an X-day consultancy. I don't charge for my preparation time nor do I charge for (reasonable) follow-up reports, emails, telecons, clarifications. For training I far prefer it if we're under NDA so I can focus on the things that really matter to you and can include live sessions where we try to apply the training to your specific problems. "Theoretical" training is fine, but applying it to real issues is much more challenging for me and useful for you. Similarly, if I'm consulting/training on production issues then going round the facility adds a lot of value. I know how to be safe in a production environment and how to not upset your production staff.

App-based working

Whether I'm training, consulting or troubleshooting, I use my own apps and software "live" as much as possible. I don't leave you with just a set of PowerPoint slides and a PDF report. The whole point of apps/software is that your team can use them to carry on exploring the science long after I've left.

Further information

You can contact me at or on +44 7831 125215

For those who want to know about my publications and background, click on my ORCID research ID: 0000-0002-7369-4408