Practical Coatings

Lots of people create coatings in all sorts of manners. How they do it isn't the focus of these pages (other a small section on printing) - see, instead, the link below to the webhandling resources on this site and also to TopCoat which models the key coating and drying technologies as well as addressing fluid flow, surface effects, defects and more.

The focus here is all those aspects of coatings that seem to be both highly important and relatively unknown or not well understood through lack of apps to bring the science alive.

Because Practical Coatings has been assembled from many other resources, it might take you a little longer to find those things that especially interest you. But why not explore a little at random and see if there are some pleasant surprises awaiting you?

The Solubility section takes you to the relevant Solubility and/or Surfactants pages, but the menu remains Practical Coatings so you don't get lost.