Science Books for the Real World

... and Adventure Stories for Girls!

The science books provide principles you can use in practice for your real-world issues. They are all linked to my apps so that key formulae and ideas are brought alive for deeper understanding.

Nanocoatings: Principles and Practice

Those who want to take advantage of the nanoworld in their coatings must be clear that nano can also bring disadvantages. This book takes a clear view of both the promise and problems and dispenses with nano puffery. The result is a book which uses good science, aided by apps, to make sure you can formulate your way to a succesful nanocoating.

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Adventure Stories for Girls

What started as some impromptu exciting helicopter rescue adventure stories for my granddaughter, Ella, ended up as a large collection of increasingly researched stories taking her and her helicopter to floods, fires, exploding volcanoes, to Venezuela, Australia, the Arctic & Antarctic, ending up with a blockbuster adventure on Mt Everest.

By then, Ella was older and wanted something more than helicopters, so "The Professor" invented an anti-gravity spaceship and Ella visited the Moon, an asteroid, Mars and the Hubble Space Telescope.

If you have a girl in your life who would like such adventures, with plenty of techie details, (including the tricky aerodynamics of helicopter flight, explained as best I could), then go to the Adventure Stories for Girls page and you can quickly download 100% personalized versions as Word docs, ready for reading and customizing as you wish.

A lot of the fun was adding images to the Word document after telling each story, so your personalized version comes without images, ready for you and the girl in your life to draw or download images.

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