Practical Web Handling

With webhandling gurus including Dr David Roisum, Dr Dilwyn Jones, Tim Walker and Clarence Klassen the large set of web handling AbbotApps below has been created. We recommend consulting their newly published book and e-book The Web Handling Handbook for background, explanation and examples. Feel free to let me know if you want new capabilities, bugs fixed etc.

These apps have not been converted to the general format of the rest of this site as they are known and used around the world in the classic original AbbottApp format.

Icon What Web link
Air Lubrication Calculator (Air trapped between Web and Roller) ALC
Modelling temperature in an Induction Heat Sealer HSC-I
Modelling temperature in a Jaws (classic) Heat Sealer HSC-J
Calculation of curl created by lamination stresses LCC
Calculation of Curl created via Temperature + Humidity changes THC
Calculation of roller bending under gravity, nip loads and tension RBC
Calculation of how heat or humidity diffuses into a wound roll RDC
Roisum Dictionary of Web Terms RD
Roisum Library of Web Handling RL
Calculation of what happens in a rubber roller nip RRC
Track scratches with the Scratch Length Calculator SLC
How to Select the right web Spreader Type STS
Modelling for time response of Tension in a Span TSpan
Control loop modelling for time response of Tension Through Speed TTS
Control loop modelling of time response in a basic Web Based Controller WBC
How Web Wrinkles depend on Misalignment, Tension etc. WP
How Winder Productivity depends on speeds, lengths etc. WPC
How the Wound Roll Size/Weight depends on length, thickness etc. WRS
Wrinkle Troubleshooter WT
Web Tension Calculator WTC
Web201 Roisum YouTube Webhandling Tutorials Web 201

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