Ternary Mixtures in VR

Like so much of WebVR it is currently bleeding edge and works only on special versions of Chrome and Firefox. Later this year the standard Chrome, Firefox and Edge will handle WebVR natively. The app works with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Touch, using the gui.datVR tool for menu items.

Instructions and acknowledgements are below - the assumption being that you have already explored the 2D version.

Ternary Mixtures in VR

Instructions, Acknowledgement and References

You can fly around the world using the triggers on your controllers (one for forward, one for reverse) and travelling in the direction in which you are looking. You select one of the datasets by pointing with one controller at the menu and clicking to select. You can change the scale of the graphs by "point and slide".

I express my warm gratitude to Dr Matteoli at CNR in Pisa who provided much assistance (and excellent code) to help me develop the app.

Here are the key references for those who wish to explore further. Sub references for data on excess volumes can be found in these references.

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