HLD Tubes

Quick Start

As you change your HLD, you can imagine what an array of tubes would look like if they contained a 50:50 O:W mix and one of the formulation variables changed from Lo to Hi. This gives you a good feel for the surfactant space in the region where you are formulating.

HLD Tubes

Used only for ionics
S g/100ml
T °C

You enter your S, T, Cc and EACN as in the HLD app and you get a calculated HLD value, but you also choose which of these variables to change, and what the range should be.

Across the tubes you get full information about the value of the changing variable, the HLD and the type of phase. The %surf gives you larger phase volume changes (and also affects ionics because of the surfactant salinity contribution)

This will all make sense as soon as you start to play. If you have a T scan with an "Other" surfactant then nothing changes as the temperature effect is zero. For an ionic the T scan will show modest changes, with large changes for an ethoxylate. If you have an S scan with an ionic then the tubes will change rapidly for an ionic but slowly for the others.