Microemulsion Phase Diagram Explorer in 3D

Surfactant Science Microemulsion Phase Diagram This 3D version of the Acosta Microemulsion Phase diagrams is experimental.

Assuming you are now familiar with the MPDE it is possible to explore the "prism" version where HLD is varied from -1 to 1 and the ternary diagram is plotted at regular intervals, allowing the big picture to be seen. Obviously the prism could have temperature, salinity Cc, or EACN as the variable in the third dimension, but as each of these simply affects the HLD, there is no benefit in complicating things even further. This version is clearly not a great success. The issue with 3D is not so much how to program it, but what to program. How can this diagram be made more usable and useful? That's part of the ongoing 3D adventure.

Microemulsion PDE

ξ Å
W% Lim
O% Lim

No doubt future versions will have improved functionality.